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Radiant Reflections: Illuminating the Path Through Advance Directives

In this episode of "Comforting Closure - Conversations with a Death Doula," host Traci Arieli welcomes Maureen Kures, the founder of A Radiant Mourning, to shed light on the importance of Advance Directives. Together, they discuss end-of-life planning, exploring how Advance Directives can guide individuals and families toward making informed, respectful decisions that honor their wishes and values.  


This conversation aims to demystify Advance Directives, address common misconceptions, and offer practical advice for those looking to create or update their plans. Whether you're navigating this journey for yourself or supporting a loved one, "Radiant Reflections" offers guidance, understanding, and a path to peace and comfort. 


To learn more about Maureen Kures, visit 


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