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I believe that everyone deserves compassionate care during their final journey, and I am honored to offer my support and guidance to individuals and families facing this difficult time. As your doula, I will be there to listen, to hold space, and to provide comfort and understanding as you navigate the physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of end-of-life care. 

My services are tailored to meet your unique needs and preferences, and may include advance care planning, respite support, legacy work, and vigil planning. I believe in honoring your wishes and values, and will work with you and your loved ones to create a plan that reflects your personal beliefs and goals. 

Together, we will create a space of warmth and comfort, where you can feel supported and cared for throughout your journey. Whether you are facing an illness or supporting a loved one who is, I am here to help you find peace, comfort, and dignity in this difficult time.


I serve the San Francisco Bay Area (in-person & virtually) and other locations (virtually). 

Book a Complimentary Discovery Call

The goal of this 30-minute complimentary discovery call is to deeply understand your unique needs and concerns. I believe finding the right support during the end-of-life process is critical, and this conversation allows us to connect, listen, and assess if I can provide the care and assistance you need. Let us embrace this journey together, creating comfort, compassion, and true connection. Schedule your free discovery call today and let's talk about the possibility of a meaningful and helpful collaboration.




Comprehensive Package

Embrace personalized end-of-life care that values your emotional well-being, fosters meaningful connections, and empowers informed decisions. From advanced care planning to companion support, legacy projects, vigil planning, and bereavement care—I'm here to honor your uniqueness, preserve your legacy, and provide warm, tailored assistance aligned with your values. 


Preparedness Package

Embrace peace of mind and ensure your voice is heard with the Preparedness Package. Create an advanced directive, organize vital documents, pre-plan your farewell, and engage in heartfelt vigil planning. By taking proactive steps, you offer your loved ones the comfort of knowing your wishes are honored, providing support and guidance when they need it most. 


Caregiver Relief Package

Embrace compassionate support with the Caregiver Relief Package. Discover respite and companionship, compassionate vigil planning, and engage in meaningful legacy work. Tailored to your unique needs, this package eases the challenges of caregiving, ensuring your well-being while allowing you to provide unwavering care and love for your cherished one.



Bereavement Package

Discover solace and healing with the dedicated Bereavement Package. As your empathetic end-of-life doula, I provide personalized bereavement coaching to navigate your grief journey. Together, we'll create a safe space for emotional exploration, memories sharing, and healing conversations. With gentle guidance and unwavering support, find solace, renewal, and peace amidst the pain. 

A la carte

Package Details

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Comprehensive Package

I understand the importance of maintaining the quality of life for individuals facing end-of-life challenges. I am here to support you and your loved ones every step of the way, ensuring a meaningful and dignified journey. 


With a personalized and holistic approach, we will work together to prioritize your emotional well-being, foster connections with your loved ones, and empower you to make informed decisions. I am dedicated to tailoring a plan that addresses your unique individual, family, spiritual, cultural, and social needs. 


The Comprehensive Package includes the following services: 


1. Advanced Care Planning: Navigate the complex realm of end-of-life decisions with confidence. I will guide you through the process, helping you articulate your wishes, establish medical directives, and create an advance care plan that reflects your values and preferences while making decisions and tasks easier for your loved ones. 


2. Companion and Respite Care: I believe in the power of companionship and provide support and comfort, allowing you to focus on what truly matters during this transformative time. Additionally, I offer respite care to provide temporary relief for family caregivers, ensuring everyone's well-being. 


3. Legacy Projects and Life Review: Cherish and celebrate your life's journey by engaging in legacy projects and life review activities. Together, we will capture your wisdom, stories, and experiences through various mediums, leaving a lasting legacy for generations to come. 


4. Vigil Planning and Sitting: During the sacred transition from life to death, I offer vigil planning and sitting services. Together, we will create a serene and comforting environment, providing emotional support and presence, ensuring you or your loved one is never alone. 


5. Bereavement Support: My support extends beyond the end-of-life journey with compassionate bereavement support to both the individual and their loved ones, facilitating healing and guiding you through the grieving process. 


I believe in embracing the full spectrum of life and am here to walk alongside you during this profound chapter. Trust me to honor your individuality, preserve your legacy, and support your emotional well-being. Please note that each package is tailored to your unique needs, ensuring a personalized experience that aligns with your values and desires. 

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Preparedness Package

I understand the importance of being prepared and ensuring that your wishes are known and respected during life's critical moments. My Preparedness Package is designed to provide comprehensive support in planning for the future, making it easier for your loved ones to navigate healthcare decisions, access important documents, and honor your preferences. 


Services included in the "Preparedness Package" are: 


1. Advanced Directive: Take control of your healthcare decisions by creating an advanced directive. I will guide you through the process, helping you articulate your preferences for medical treatments, end-of-life care, and other healthcare options. By documenting your wishes in an advanced directive, you provide clarity to your loved ones and healthcare providers, ensuring that your voice is heard and respected. 


2. Documents and Other: Organize and compile crucial documents, including legal, financial, and personal information. I will assist you in creating a comprehensive record that details where important documents are located, such as wills, insurance policies, and property deeds. This enables your loved ones to easily access the information they need during critical moments, reducing stress and uncertainty. 


3. Funeral Planning: Take the burden off your loved ones by pre-planning your funeral arrangements. Together, we will explore various options and preferences, including burial or cremation, memorial services, and other personalized details. By planning ahead, you ensure that your final farewell aligns with your wishes, providing comfort and guidance to your family during an emotionally challenging time. 


4. Vigil Planning: Prepare for the sacred transition from life to death by engaging in vigil planning. I offer guidance and support in creating a serene and comforting environment during this profound moment. Together, we can discuss rituals, traditions, and any specific requests to ensure a meaningful and peaceful vigil for you and your loved ones. 


By compiling and organizing this vital information, you empower your loved ones to make informed decisions and ensure the smooth transition of care when needed. 


Choose the Preparedness Package from Comforting Closure to gain peace of mind, knowing that you have taken proactive steps to plan ahead. By documenting your wishes, organizing important information, and preparing for end-of-life moments, you offer your loved ones the gift of clarity, support, and guidance. 


Note: The Preparedness Package can be customized to meet your specific needs and preferences, ensuring that your unique circumstances and values are reflected in the planning process. 

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Caregiver Relief Package

I recognize the immense challenges faced by caregivers providing care and support to their loved ones during the end-of-life journey. My Caregiver Relief Package is specifically designed to offer respite, companionship, and essential support, helping caregivers navigate their role with compassion and self-care. 


 Services included in the "Caregiver Relief Package" are: 


1. Respite and Companion Care: I understand the toll caregiving can take on your physical, emotional, and mental well-being. I provide compassionate respite care, offering temporary relief and allowing you to take a well-deserved break. During these moments, I ensure your loved one receives personalized and attentive companion care, fostering a sense of companionship and connection. 


2. Vigil Planning & Support: As a caregiver, it can be emotionally challenging to navigate the vigil and final moments of your loved one's journey. I offer dedicated support and assistance in vigil planning, helping you create a serene and comforting environment. I provide compassionate presence, guidance, and emotional support during this sacred transition, ensuring that you and your loved one are never alone. 


3. Legacy Work: Cherish the memories and experiences shared with your loved one by engaging in legacy work. Together, we will explore creative ways to capture their wisdom, stories, and life's journey. This may include recording oral histories, creating memory books, compiling photo albums, or any other personalized legacy projects. Preserving their legacy allows you to honor their life while providing a meaningful and healing outlet for both you and your loved one. 


The Caregiver Relief Package is specifically designed to alleviate the overwhelming burden of caregiving, offering essential support to help you maintain your own well-being while providing the best possible care for your loved one. I am dedicated to tailoring the package to meet your unique needs, providing guidance, respite, and the opportunity to focus on self-care. 


Choose the Caregiver Relief Package from Comforting Closure to ensure that you receive the support you need during this challenging time. I am here to stand beside you, offering solace, compassion, and respite as you continue to provide unwavering care and love for your loved one. 


Note: The Caregiver Relief Package can be customized further to accommodate specific needs and preferences. My goal is to help you find balance, peace of mind, and the support you deserve as a dedicated caregiver. 

Above the Clouds

Bereavement Package

Grieving the loss of a loved one is a deeply personal and challenging journey. My dedicated Bereavement Package offers compassionate support and guidance to help you navigate this difficult time. As an empathetic end-of-life doula, I am here to provide a nurturing space where you can explore your emotions, find solace, and embark on a path towards healing and renewal. 

With the Bereavement Package, you'll receive personalized bereavement support tailored to your unique needs. Together, I will create a safe and supportive environment where you can express your feelings, share memories, and process your grief. Through compassionate listening and empathetic conversations, we'll work collaboratively to navigate the complexities of loss and find moments of healing and hope. 

My role as your bereavement coach is to offer gentle guidance and provide tools and techniques to cope with grief. We'll explore various coping strategies, self-care practices, and healthy ways to honor and remember your loved one. I am dedicated to walking alongside you throughout this journey, providing unwavering support and understanding. 

During this challenging time, know that you don't have to face grief alone. Allow the Bereavement Package to provide you with compassionate support, guiding you towards healing, renewal, and a sense of peace amidst the pain. 

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