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Planning for Peace: Navigating the Path of Estate Planning with Debra Cassara

In the latest episode of Comforting Closure – Discussions with a Death Doula, we talk about a topic that’s often pushed to the sidelines but is of critical importance - estate planning. Joined by estate attorney Debra Cassara, we demystify the complexities and provide actionable insights to navigate this essential path effectively.

Key Insights from the Episode:

  • The Essence of Estate Planning: Why it’s not just for the wealthy and how it impacts every individual and their loved ones.

  • Starting Early: Debunking myths and addressing the hesitations that often delay this critical process.

  • Family Dynamics: Balancing relationships and emotions while planning for the inevitable to ensure clarity and respect.

  • Choosing the Right Attorney: Tips and considerations to find a professional aligned with your needs and values.

To connect with Debra, go to:


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