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Navigating Pet Loss: Paws to Remember & Heal

In this episode of Comforting Closure, host Traci Arieli is joined by Maryglenn Warnock from Paws to Remember to explore the complex journey of pet loss and grief. "Beyond the Rainbow Bridge: Understanding Pet Grief with Paws to Remember" offers a compassionate look into the heartache of losing a pet, providing insights, support, and understanding for those walking this difficult path. 

We explore the emotional bonds we share with our pets, the process of grieving, and how to find healing in the aftermath of loss. Maryglenn shares her expertise and compassionate approach to supporting pet owners in their time of need, offering valuable advice on navigating the journey of grief and remembering our beloved pets with love. 

Key Highlights: 

  • Understanding the depth of pet loss grief 

  • The services and support provided by Paws to Remember 

  • How to cope with the loss of a beloved pet and start the healing process 

  • Resources and advice for those grieving the loss of a pet 

Whether you're currently experiencing pet loss or want to support someone who is, this episode is a touching and informative resource. 

To find out more about Maryglenn Warnock and Paws to Remember, visit: 


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