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Memories to Meadows: Nurturing the Future with Terramation

In this episode of "Comforting Closure - Conversations with a Death Doula," host Traci Arieli talks to Micah Truman, founder and CEO of Return Home, about the innovative and eco-conscious world of Terramation. 

Terramation, or human composting, offers an eco-friendly approach to afterlife care, turning human remains into nutrient-rich soil and providing a sustainable alternative to traditional burial and cremation methods. This process not only honors our loved ones but also gives back to the earth, allowing for a legacy that continues to nurture life long after we're gone. 

Join Traci and Micah as they explore: 

  • The inspiration behind Return Home and the journey to embracing Terramation. 

  • The detailed process and environmental benefits of Terramation. 

  • How Terramation can change our relationship with grief and the memory of our loved ones. 

  • The future of sustainable afterlife care and its impact on society. 

Contact Information:  

To learn more about Terramation and Return Home, visit 

Take Action Now: 

Help make a difference in the future of afterlife care. Visit Return Home's Legislative Action Page to access a pre-written legislative letter template. It's a simple yet powerful way to voice your support for eco-friendly Terramation practices. 

Here's how you can make your voice heard: 

It takes just a few minutes, but your action can pave the way for sustainable afterlife care options in your state. Let's work together to create a future where our final act is one of love for the planet. 


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