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Grief Integration: A Deep Dive into Holistic Healing with Alyssa Akerman

In life's most challenging moments, understanding and integrating grief becomes an essential part of our healing journey. In the latest episode of Comforting Closure, I had the privilege of talking with Alyssa Akerman, a grief counselor, end-of-life doula, and founder of Alyssa Rose Healing Arts.

During the conversation, we talked about Alyssa's unique path in grief counseling, the transformative power of rituals and ceremonies, and the nuances of topics often left unspoken, like prenatal loss and abortion grief. We also delve deep into modalities that facilitate healing and how communities play a vital role in supporting individuals through grief.

Whether you've personally experienced loss or are looking to support someone on their grief journey, this episode promises insights, understanding, and a path toward holistic healing.

Connect with Alyssa Akerman:


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