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Aging with Intention: Karen Faith Gordon on Living Well at Every Age

What does it mean to age well?

Aging well is a subject of curiosity and worry. What does aging well imply? How do you know if you are aging in a good way? This is at the heart of our latest episode of 'Comforting Closure- Conversations with a Death Doula’ where I interview Karen Faith Gordon about holistic aging.

Towards Holistic Aging, A Journey

Karen Faith Gordon’s journey towards holistic aging began with an epiphany as to the value of engagement and connection. Growing up in a family where previous generations were actively present, Karen directly saw the wisdom that comes with age. This encounter led to her enthusiasm for advocating for an inclusive approach that considers mind, body, and soul as one grows older.

Importance of Community and Connection

Community was one of the topics we discussed that contribute to healthy aging. When someone tells you they are aging well, it includes having strong social ties. In addition, Karen stressed the need to keep ties with family members like children and grandchildren, and friends active. Social interactions play significant roles in mental wellness and maintaining happiness. According to Karen, even those aging alone can find community through local groups or spiritual centers, which might provide support or engagement via online platforms.

Strategies That Work For You

So how can one tell if he/she is aging gracefully? It’s all about balance according to Karen. Below are practical strategies she recommends:

  • Train your brain: Be involved in activities like reading, puzzles, or learning new things that keep your mind sharp. To ensure cognitive health mental stimulation is vital.

  • Engage with physical activity: You should also exercise regularly; it doesn’t have to be intense, just going out for a daily walk can make a difference.

  • Spiritual and emotional well-being: Practices such as mindfulness, meditation, or gratitude help us handle our emotions and remain balanced in spirit.

  • Community engagement: Keep your connections strong. Socialize by joining clubs and volunteering for community organizations. This will prevent loneliness and depression.

Embracing Technology with Balance

Karen also explores how technology can enhance the lives of older people. From health monitoring devices to social networking sites for seniors, technology is an effective ally when it comes to aging well. Nevertheless, she advises against overusing this equipment and encourages an approach that balances these tools with face-to-face interactions and real-world engagements.

Addressing Common Misconceptions

The term aging is often accompanied by many misconceptions. One common misconception is that older adults become less valuable or lose importance. Karen challenged this perception by stressing the knowledge that comes with age. She calls for cultural change where elders are respected and their wisdom heeded.

Intentionally Embracing Aging 

Everyone can age gracefully if they are mindful about their choices. We should all try to live better in old age by keeping a healthy balance between mental, physical, and social activities.

To gain further insight into what it means to age gracefully, watch the full episode above or listen via your favorite podcast platforms

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