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Unveiling Samhain: Ancestral Veneration and the Anderson Feri Tradition

In this enlightening episode, I am joined by Sharon Knight, an initiate in the Anderson Feri Tradition. Together, we navigate the profound aspects of Samhain, a significant Pagan holiday marked by its deep connections to ancestral veneration and the end-of-life journey.

During our conversation, Sharon illuminates the unique nuances of the Anderson Feri Tradition, its roots in the Scots/Gaelic/Appalachian traditions, and the pivotal role of Samhain as a time to connect with those who have passed on, amidst the thinning veils between worlds.

From understanding the fluidity of gender roles in this tradition to exploring the deep-seated healing attributes of Samhain rituals, this video promises a journey of understanding and insight. We also touch upon the educational aspect of the festival, fostering a connection with younger generations and helping them grasp the profound concepts of life, death, and remembrance.

Whether you want to incorporate elements of Samhain into your own practices, or simply wish to broaden your understanding of the various ways different cultures and traditions honor their deceased loved ones, this video serves as a gateway to deeper knowledge and empathy.


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