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Redefining Retirement: Empowerment for the Solo Ager

Welcome to another episode of the Comforting Closure Podcast, hosted by Traci Arieli, end-of-life doula and founder of Comforting Closure. In today’s special episode, we delve into the concept of aging gracefully and independently as a solo ager. 

About This Episode: 

Traditional family structures and support systems are evolving, and many of us are left wondering how we can ensure our later years are not just comfortable but filled with joy, autonomy, and a sense of community. In this episode, we're joined by Sara Zeff Geber, an author and thought leader on solo aging, to explore these questions and offer strategies for thriving in retirement. 

What You'll Learn: 

  • The definition and unique considerations for solo agers. 

  • The importance of community and how to build one that supports you as you age. 

  • Financial planning tips tailored for those aging independently. 

  • Practical advice for maintaining independence and quality of life in retirement. 

  • How technology and social media can serve as tools for solo agers. 

  • The role of end-of-life doulas and planning for a future where autonomy and comfort are prioritized. 

Connect with Sara Zeff Geber: For more insights and resources from Sara, visit 


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