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Embracing the Day: The Transformative Power of Adult Day Services with Live Oak

In this episode of "Comforting Closure- Conversations with a Death Doula," we sit down with Ann Peterson from Live Oak Adult Day Services to explore the vital role these services play in our communities. From enriching the lives of older adults and individuals with special needs to offering respite and support to families, adult day services are an important part of a holistic support plan. 

Join us as Ann shares inspiring stories, the everyday challenges and triumphs of providing care, and the profound impact of community and connection in the world of adult day services. This conversation sheds light on the often overlooked aspects of care, offering insights and inspiration for anyone navigating the journey of aging, caregiving, or simply seeking to understand more about the power of community-based support. 

What You'll Discover in This Episode: 

  • The mission and passion behind Live Oak Adult Day Services. 

  • The transformative impact of adult day services on participants and their families. 

  • The challenges and rewards of providing comprehensive adult day care. 

  • Future trends in adult day services and advice for families considering this option. 

To find out more about Live Oak Adult Day Services, visit: 


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