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Beyond the Brochure: Discovering Excellence in Assisted Living Communities

In this episode, host Traci Arieli talks about the critical topic of finding the right assisted living community for our loved ones. We are joined by special guest Annemarie Fina, who shares her personal journey of searching for a community that would provide her mother, a resident with Alzheimer's, the care and dignity she deserves. 


Through Annemarie's story, we explore the challenges and considerations that families face when choosing an assisted living facility. From understanding the importance of quality care to recognizing red flags, this episode offers valuable insights and advice for anyone navigating this complex process. 


Key Highlights: 

  • Annemarie Fina's firsthand experience with assisted living communities. 

  • Tips on what to look for and questions to ask when visiting assisted living facilities. 

  • Strategies for making informed decisions that honor the dignity and well-being of our family members.  


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