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Art as a Path to Healing Grief

In this thoughtful conversation, Traci Arieli, the founder of Comforting Closure, sits down with therapist and author Bradie Hansen to explore the transformative power of art in the grieving process. Bradie, a prominent voice in the therapy community and a co-author of the book "The Long Grief Journey," shares insights drawn from both personal experiences and professional observations.

Together, we dive deep into the nuances of grief, discussing its various forms and the often underestimated healing potential of art - with a special focus on fiber arts like knitting, weaving, and spinning. Bradie opens up about her personal journey of finding solace and expression through these mediums, offering a comforting perspective for those navigating their own paths of loss and healing.

Whether you are experiencing grief personally or supporting others through their journey, we invite you to join our discussion and perhaps discover new avenues for healing and connection

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