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The Ultimate Itinerary: Death Doulas on Life's Last Trip, 01/18/24

In this episode, host Traci Arieli is joined by two peers in the death doula community, Kacie Gikonyo and Mikey Marin.  


Topics covered include: 

- The diverse roles and practices of death doulas. 

- Collaboration with healthcare professionals. 

- Managing compassion fatigue. 

- Personal experiences in the field. 

- Addressing fears and anxieties about death. 

- Support for unresolved issues and end-of-life planning. 

- Advocacy for personal healthcare choices. 

- Coping strategies for anxiety surrounding death. 


About Our Guests: 

- Kacie Gikonyo: Founder of The Death Doula Collective and Death Doula School, Kacie brings her experience as a registered nurse to the forefront of death doula education and support. Learn more at


- Mikey Marin: As the founder of The Healing Hearts House, Mikey combines her skills as a certified counselor and Advanced Reiki Practitioner to offer a holistic approach to end-of-life care. Learn More at:


- Traci Arieli: Founder of Comforting Closure, Traci is passionate about normalizing discussions about aging, dying, and grieving. She is a full-spectrum end-of-life doula and grief coach, supporting clients and their families through advance planning, legacy work, vigil sitting, and grieving.


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