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Protecting Your Quality of Life: A Conversation about Long-Term Care Insurance with Brian Gordon

In this episode of "Comforting Closure - Conversations with a Death Doula," host Traci Arieli is joined by Brian Gordon of Gordon Associates, a specialist in long-term care insurance. The discussion centers around the importance of preparing for your future with long-term care insurance, understanding what it covers, and exploring how it fits into your overall life planning strategy. 

The episode includes: 

  • The basics of long-term care insurance and its critical role in future planning. 

  • Personal insights from Traci's experience with long-term care insurance. 

  • Expert advice from Brian Gordon on choosing the right policy. 

  • The process of obtaining long-term care insurance and common misconceptions. 

  • Strategies for integrating long-term care insurance into your financial and health planning. 

Contact Information: 

  • To learn more about long-term care insurance or to get in touch with Brian Gordon, contact him at 


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