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Healing at Life's End: How Psychedelics Are Transforming End-of-Life Care

Join Traci Arieli, end-of-life doula and founder of Comforting Closure, and Christine Caldwell, founder of the End-of-Life Psychedelic Care organization as they talk about the use of psychedelic-assisted therapy and its role in end-of-life care. 

In this episode, we discuss: 

  • Christine Caldwell's journey and the inception of 

  • The mission and vision behind and the integration of psychedelic-assisted care in end-of-life scenarios 

  • An overview of psychedelics involved in therapeutic settings 

  • The structure and spiritual dimensions of a typical psychedelic therapy session 

  • The recent surge in research on psychedelic-assisted therapy and its implications 

  • Debunking common misconceptions about the use of psychedelics in palliative care 

  • Guidance for individuals seeking reputable providers of psychedelic-assisted therapy 

  • Safety protocols and legal landscapes of psychedelic-assisted care across states 

For more information or to get in touch with Christine Caldwell, visit: 

To contribute to, visit: 


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