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From Compassion to Calling: The Road to Becoming a Death Doula

Welcome to another episode, hosted by Traci Arieli, founder of Comforting Closure and a dedicated end-of-life doula. In this episode, we are joined by special guest End-of-Life Doula Rae. 

 Episode Highlights: 

  • Understanding the role and responsibilities of a death doula. 

  • Insights into the training and certification process for aspiring death doulas. 

  • Discussion of the essential skills and emotional intelligence required in this field. 

  • Personal stories and experiences from both Traci and Rae that illuminate the journey of becoming a death doula. 

About Our Guest: Rae Gutierrez, a recently certified death doula, brings a fresh perspective to the conversation, discussing her path to this career and the challenges and rewards she has encountered. 

Connect with Rae: 


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